Friday, May 16, 2008

Power Outage

A lack of power is one of the easiest ways for a player to get under a fantasy owner's skin. There are certain guys who need to display power in order to help your fantasy team. One way to measure power is Isolated Power (ISO or IsoP). Isolated Power measures a hitter's ability to generate extra base hits. The formula is:

Isolated Power = Slugging Percentage - Batting Average

Now let's take a look at a few players who have disappointed in the power department so far this season.

Travis Hafner He has disappointed for two straight seasons now and many owners are wondering if he'll ever be more than a 25 HR player now. In 2006 he hit 42 HR and had an ISO of .350. This season he has 3 HR in 135 AB and an ISO of .126. One telling statistic is his HR/FB., which has fallen in each of the last two seasons (3o.7%, 15.9%, 8.8%). It looks like Hafner may end up as another player with Old Man Skills who aged poorly.

Victor Martinez Pronk's teammate has also been a disappointment this season, with 0 HR through his first 117 AB. V-Mart's ISO is .060 which is less than a third of his 2007 mark of .205. His GB% is up a bit this year (49.5%) but other than that there is no reason to doubt his power as he should eventually get around to hitting 20+ HR this season.

Kevin Kouzmanoff Kouz got owners excited heading into this season because of his big second half in 2007. He started the season in the clean-up spot and was hot out of the gate, but cooled down quickly thereafter. He has 3 HR in 169 AB. He has a .104 ISO while his mark last year was .186. Kouz calls Petco Park home therefore any power projections need to be tempered from the start. However, he needs to start hitting doubles and homers sooner rather than later or else his owners are going to look elsewhere for production.


Pernell said...

I am trying to improve my OF and I was looking to trade one of my SP and OF for a better OF (5-cat preferably) and a SP since I am at the top of every pitching category except saves. Here is my lineup. Do you have any suggestions of OF I should target and a SP? What moves would you make with this roster? I just want to get a general idea. Thanks.


Offensive Stats
Runs - 2
HR - 1
RBI - 1
SB - 4
Avg - 2

Pitching Stats
W - 12
ERA - 12
K - 12
WHIP - 12
SV - 10.5

My Lineup
C Víctor Martínez
1B Mark Teixeira
2B Kazuo Matsui
3B Adrián Béltre
SS Felipe Lopez
CI Todd Helton
MI Tadahito Iguchi
OF Corey Hart
OF Jeff Francoeur
OF Joey Votto
OF Mark Kotsay
OF Jack Cust
Util Eric Hinske

SP Johan Santana
SP Daisuke Matsuzaka
SP Javier Vázquez
RP Matt Capps
RP Bobby Jenks
P George Sherrill
P Dana Eveland
P Edinson Vólquez

BN Edwin Encarncion
BN Lastings Milledge
DL Troy Tulowitzki
BN Jair Jurrjens

Mike Sessa said...

Nice job on the pitching. Unfortunately, it looks like you have too much. Considering you're dominating in the pitching categories, I would do whatever it takes to solidify your OF or even MI. Having Jurrjens on your bench makes it even easier to deal an arm. Looking at your staff, I would consider dealing Volquez for a big bat. I say Volquez because he's been tremendous and he can probably get the most return on your investment at this point. Can he stay as good as he's been? Maybe. But it's safe to say that you can flip him for a nice Bat. Your team has some guys that will start hitting (Martinez, Tex), so you're probably not going to struggle as much as you are now for the rest of the year. Especially if you are able to pull a big deal off.

Good luck - and keep us updated on what you end up doing.

Pernell said...

Can you give me some names of the hitters that I can trade for Volquez?

Mike Sessa said...

If you're looking for an outfielder, see if you can get a guy like Beltran, who seems to be coming out of his slump. Beltran owners could be frustrated so far, which can work to your advantage. Not sure if there would be any interest in packaging one of your OFers outside of Hart & Francouer (I would hold on to both), but Volquez straight up should get you a solid OFer. McLouth could be another option. Both he & Volquez have been performing better than everyone thought, so they're values should be similar. It sounds funny since they were traded for each other in real life, but Josh Hamilton could also be a target for you. He's not going to give you steals like Beltran or McLouth, but he is tearing the cover off the ball so far.