Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Position Scarcity & EqA

Last week, we took a look at the sabermetric stat Equivalent Average. In a nutshell, EqA measures total offensive output by taking into consideration batting and baserunning stats with adjustments for home park, team pitching and league offensive level.

EqA is calibrated to resemble batting average, so let's assume that an EqA above .300 translates into better than average fantasy production. Below is a list of regulars by position with an EqA above .300 (total for position in parentheses) to see how deep each position has been to this point in the season.

Catchers (4): Geovany Soto, .324; Brian McCann, .314; Joe Mauer, .312; Ryan Doumit, .321
First Basemen (7): Lance Berkman, .399; Albert Pujols, .376; Kevin Youkilis, .327; Derrek Lee, .316; Conor Jackson, .322; Adrian Gonzalez, .311; Nick Johnson, .310
Second Basemen (3): Chase Utley, .399; Dan Ugla, .331, Ian Kinsler, .300
Third Basemen (4): Chipper Jones, .380; David Wright, .315; Aramis Ramirez, .307; Scott Rolen, .323
Shortstops (3): Rafael Furcal, .346; Hanley Ramirez, .331; Miguel Tejada, .302
Left Fielders (7): Pat Burrell, .344; Josh Willingham, .343; Jack Cust, .332; Carlos Quentin, .320; Matt Holliday, .312; Manny Ramirez, .312; Jason Bay, .309
Center Fielders (4): Nate McLouth, .323; Aaron Rowand, .316; Josh Hamilton, .315; Rick Ankiel, .306
Right Fielders (8): Ryan Ludwick, .361; Xavier Nady, .322; Ryan Church, .314; Eric Hinske, .309; Magglio Ordonez, .305; Justin Upton, .303; Nick Markakis, .302; Kosuke Fukudome, .302

All information used above was obtained from Baseball Prospectus.


Pernell said...

Would you say Scott Rolen is better than Edwin Encarncion? If so, can I drop Edwin for Rolen?

Mike Sessa said...

Hey Pernell - thanks for checking us out. Although there isn't a huge difference between Encarnacion & Rolen, I prefer Edwin for a few reasons. The first is that the new regime in Cincy seems to be behind him 100%. So much of his struggles in the past were because past management showed zero patience with him, whether it was a benching or a trip to the minors. He's streaky, and you have to ride the good with the bad for a guy like him. I also favor Encarnacion because of his home park. Overall, they're close, but when Encarnacion gets hot, he can put up big numbers. Consider Rolen's recent trend of injuries, and Edwin gets the nod.