Thursday, April 24, 2008


An obvious factor when looking for an advantageous matchup for a pitcher is an opponents ability to generate runs. An often overlooked factor is an opponents propensity to swing and miss. These teams are a good target for fantasy owners to exploit with their spot starters.

Lets take a look at the strikeout prone teams to date. All of the following statistics can be found at Baseball-Reference.

Teams with the Most Strikeouts
Florida Marlins 185
San Diego Padres 183
Colorado Rockies 168
San Francisco Giants 166
Milwaukee Brewers 162

Most Strikeouts vs. RHP
San Diego Padres 143
San Francisco Giants 132
Colorado Rockies 130
Boston Red Sox 124
Texas Rangers 122

Most Strikeouts vs. LHP
Florida Marlins 65
Tampa Bay Rays 56
Philadelphia Phillies 54
Oakland Athletics 52
Kansas City Royals 47
New York Mets 47

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