Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the 7th Day.....

It's a situation we've all faced as fantasy baseball owners.....going against an opponent in a weekly league that seems to have every one of his pitchers getting two starts. It's cyclical, of course, and there will be weeks where you are the one reaping the benefits from 2 start pitchers. But, should a league have the potential to be determined by something that is so random? Is there a solution?

We've run the problem through our Pseudo computer and have come up with a simple, yet effective answer. A ten day scoring period. Forgetting the logistics of the idea (CBS, Yahoo, ESPN and other online hosts don't have the ability to facilitate this), a ten day fantasy period makes sense for a lot of reasons. None more than the fact that every pitcher should get exactly two starts in any given ten day window. Possibly less, but rarely will a pitcher ever get more. Most teams do whatever they can to make sure that their best pitchers throw every 5 days, regardless of off days or rainouts.

If you break down a fantasy roster and any scoring structure, it's weighted so that equal value is given to hitters and pitchers. This is true for either categories or points leagues. With that being said, would it be fair for Alex Rodriguez to get 13 games in one scoring period? The notion that a pitcher could essentially double his value for no other reason than pure luck completely skews the balance of any scoring structure.

So join us in the revolution and challenge the status quo. Together, we can make a difference.

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