Thursday, April 3, 2008

Corner Store

Let's take a look at some potential bargains that qualify at either 1B or 3B in Yahoo! leagues. These players were drafted in less than 10% of standard 12 team leagues.

Aubrey Huff: Huff has started the year 3/8 with a HR and 4 RBI. He has shown power in the past and has the potential for 20+ HRs. Hitting in the 5spot should give him a shot at decent RBI totals. Huff was drafted in only 5% of Yahoo! leagues and qualifies at both 1B & 3B.

Conor Jackson: Jackson was in the cleanup spot on opening day and manager Bob Melvin has stated that Jackson will stay there. That alone gives him enough value to be a viable CI for mixed leagues, yet he was only drafted in 5% of Yahoo! leagues. Jackson is currently battling a virus and will likely be on the bench through the weekend. As long as he comes back healthy he should be in store for plenty of RBI chances hitting in the middle of that young D'Backs lineup and has 15+ HR potential.

Brandon Inge: Inge became expendable when the Tigers acquired Miguel Cabrera. Fortunately for the Tigers, Inge has not yet been traded and has been able to fill in for the injured starters (Granderson and today Cabrera). Inge won't likely be starting every day next month unless he gets traded, but until then he will be an passable fantasy fill in. He is currently 3/9 with a HR and has generated 100% of the Tigures offensive output this year. Even though he is hitting at the bottom of the order he will still have plenty of chances to score some runs in that powerful lineup. He was only drafted in 2% of Yahoo! leagues.

Jeff Keppinger: This guy can hit. Not necessarily for much power, but when he plays he maintains a high contatct rate. He finished up the first series 5-10 with two walks and a stolen base. He is currently just filling in while Alex Gonzalez is on the disabled list, but you can ride his hot streak while it lasts. He should be good for a .315 AVG with little power or speed.

Pedro Feliz: Feliz is currently 3/12 with 2 RBI. Not a blistering start, but his lineup and home ballpark should help his HR and RBI totals. His AVG. is a killer, but if you have a cushion and are looking for some cheap pop you could do worse. Feliz was drafted in only 2% of Yahoo! leagues and has 20+ HR potential.

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