Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Holy Trinity of Fantasy Baseball

I've never been a religious man. In fact, most people would that say I'm the furthest thing from it. But recently, I have been witness to something that could only be described as divine. I call it the Holy Trinity of Fantasy Baseball. How does one become a witness? Easy - here's how:

1. Sign yourself up for the MLB Extra Innings Package (for your home TV, not the internet version).
2. Get yourself a Slingbox.
3. Make sure that you have a compatible phone or PDA.

That's all you have to do to worship at the feet of the Fantasy Baseball Gods. With all three of these in place, you can now watch almost every baseball game at any time either at home on your TV or on the go with your phone. I don't have to explain to the common fantasy junkie how life changing this is, but just imagine you are stuck at your Aunt's 80th birthday party at the same time you have Tim Lincecum pitching. You could keep hitting the refresh button on your phone's internet browser. Or, you could just watch the game live while everyone else is watching a video retrospective of your Aunt's life. The choice is yours.

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